Q – What is the target age range for the information on your site?

A – Our site information focuses primarily on elementary aged students, parents and teachers.  However, some of the posts relate to children of all ages.  We try to distinguish the areas each posts targets to make it easier for readers.


Q – Can I ask a specific question and get a response quickly?

A – If you have specific questions regarding a child or situation you can submit questions at the “Ask a Question” tab at the top of the website home page, or please visit our Face Book page and post there or connect with us on Twitter.  Our goal is to have answers/suggestions responded to within a week of anything submitted.


Q – Is this site only for special needs students?

A – No.  We do our best to make sure our site can be used for students/teachers/parents in any circumstance.  For example, our lesson plans include suggestive modifications for gifted as well as the learning disabled student.


Q – How often is new information added to your site?

A – Since our team members mostly consists of busy moms, our goal is to have new information uploaded every couple weeks.