Children’s Literature Assessments

 Children’s Literature Assessments   Do you ever have your child read during the summer and wonder if they understood the story?  Are you trying to use more literature in your curriculum but need some assessment tools to go with specific books?  When I taught special education I used literature everyday to teach reading and language […]

Writing Practice

Unscrambling Sentences – Writing Practice Learning to write can be frustrating – the English language doesn’t follow all the “rules.”  So when teachers ask students to use more details, the students honestly sometimes just don’t know how to fit those details in their sentences.  Writing takes practice just like most things.  The scrambled sentences below […]

Exercise & Children

Exercise & Children:  Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Childhood obesity is on the rise.  It is a terrible thing.  Children are exposed to brutal peer pressure, bullying and low self-esteem.  As parents we are responsible for our child’s well being, not just physically but mentally as well.  Such that it is, these two things are intwined […]

ADHD – Is that what this is?

ADHD – Is that what this is? I have recently spoken with a friend of mine about ADHD diagnosis, what it is and what it does.  Following that conversation, I thought about writing this post to give parents a little information regarding the diagnosis of ADHD – How does one child get diagnosed?  Should I […]

Special Education Craft: Mother’s day present

Special Education Craft:    I believe that everyone can do Art. Art is a wonderful way to help children of all abilities and this Special Education Craft is a craft an “average” child can do and with modifications a child with Special needs child can accomplish. The first step to creating Art with a child that may […]