Pictorial Treasure Hunt

Pictorial Treasure Hunt How do you keep your children learning through the summer? You create activities for them to do. I have a favorite one that we use with our kids all the time. The Pictorial Treasure Hunt is a great way to help your child learn new things. Pictorial Treasure Hunt Treasure hunts with pictures are […]

The Weather Unit – Suggested/Related Materials

  The Weather Unit Suggested/Related Materials    Weather Music: “The Water Music Suite” by Handel Storms, Weather, Thunder & Lightning by Sound Effects (CD) “The Weather Song”; The Science Songs CD by Have Fun Teaching   Weather Books: Flash, Crash, Rumble and Roll by Franklin M. Branley Oh Say Can You Say What’s the Weather […]

The Weather Unit – Culminating Activity

  The Culminating Activity of Our Weather Unit   Objective:  Students will have fun painting a weather scene including appropriate images for their selected scene.   Materials: –       Large roll of craft paper (white or brown) –       Variety of paints and brushes –       Water & Paper towels for rinsing –       Aprons if available –       Weather […]

The Weather Unit – Journal Activity

A Weather Journal   Objective:  Students will show their understanding of the weather unit by writing a detailed journal entry comparing 3 different locations across the country.   Materials: –       Journal or Notebook Paper –       Computer and Internet –       What I have Learned Chart (from Lesson 1)   Procedure: Fill in the “What Have I […]

The Weather Unit – Weather Maps

  Weather Maps   Objective:  Students will learn the six different types of weather maps, their use, and how to create their own.   Materials: –       Examples of Weather Maps (transparency, projector, internet, etc.) –       Computers with internet access –       Note taking paper –       Blank US Map per group – large/poster size (example below) –       […]