Basic Geometry Vocabulary

Basic Geometry Vocabulary   Perimeter – the distance around a figure   Area – one half the length times the width of a figure   Circumference – the distance around a circle   Radius – the distance from the center of a circle to any point on that circle   Diameter – the cross-section of […]

Variety Math Test

Variety Math Test   Directions:  Add or Subtract according to what the math sentence says.  You may have to write the problem vertically. 1.  568 – 46 = 2.  349 + 257 = 3.  873 – 615 = 4.  907 + 736 = 5.  654 – 449 =   Directions:  Use the signs >, <, […]

Word Problems for Math Practice

  Word Problems for Math Practice Some brains are made for math.  Some brains need a little help with math.  Some brains think math is an unlearnable foreign language.  Whichever brain your child has, practicing math word problems is necessary.  As adults we solve math word problems on a daily basis, some accurately and some […]

Fractions in the Kitchen

Fractions in the Kitchen   Have you ever wondered how on earth you are going to help your child with harder math?  Let’s say, starting with fractions?  How many of us remember how to find least common denominators, equivalent fractions, or how to divide fractions?  It’s just not something most of us do everyday so […]

Activities with Money Practice

  At home Activities with Money When teaching your child to use money invest in play money that resembles real money.  I use the Melissa and Doug pretend play set, it is great for these learning money activities.    Don’t wait until homework comes home to start practicing money sense.  Activities with money can start as […]