Ready, Set, Read & Write with LeapReader

*Special Thanks to LeapFrog for allowing me to have a LeapReader party and sponsoring it! All thoughts and opinions are my own! Ready, Set, Read & Write with LeapReader Recently, I got the chance to throw a LeapReader Ready, Set, Read & Write party! I LOVE LeapFrog products because they are educational, and fun! We […]

Pictorial Treasure Hunt

Pictorial Treasure Hunt How do you keep your children learning through the summer? You create activities for them to do. I have a favorite one that we use with our kids all the time. The Pictorial Treasure Hunt is a great way to help your child learn new things. Pictorial Treasure Hunt Treasure hunts with pictures are […]

Basic Geometry Vocabulary

Basic Geometry Vocabulary   Perimeter – the distance around a figure   Area – one half the length times the width of a figure   Circumference – the distance around a circle   Radius – the distance from the center of a circle to any point on that circle   Diameter – the cross-section of […]

Variety Math Test

Variety Math Test   Directions:  Add or Subtract according to what the math sentence says.  You may have to write the problem vertically. 1.  568 – 46 = 2.  349 + 257 = 3.  873 – 615 = 4.  907 + 736 = 5.  654 – 449 =   Directions:  Use the signs >, <, […]

The Magic Finger

  The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl   Directions:  Write in complete sentences the correct answer to each of the following questions.   1.  Explain what happened to the little girl at school. 2.  Why did this even occur? 3.  Describe how the little girl felt when this event happened. 4.  What made the little […]