Reading Strategies

    Reading Strategies   There are many detailed “how-to’s” for helping your child become a better reader, comprehend what he/she has read, and enjoy reading. This is a quick tip reading strategies list of 5 simple tasks to achieving all those things. 1. ¬†Determine if the text is fiction or non-fiction. Should you read […]

How To Spelling Bee Tips & Techniques

How To Spelling Bee Tips & Techniques It is the time of year when many schools start preparing and hosting spelling bees!¬† This can be a fun and rewarding time for many students who have worked hard. However, some children struggle with performing in front of crowds while others just don’t feel secure in their […]

Mad Minute Math Study Tips

Mad Minute Math Mad Minute Math The key to having a child that is fluent in their math facts is good old fashion practice and an understanding of number sense. It is often the actual writing of the numbers that keeps children from excelling not their knowledge of the facts. If you help them increase […]